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2018 944 Challenge - Round 3, Winton Motor Raceway, June 16 - 17

The website has been updated with the Calendar and results from Round 1 for the 2018 Season.

Stay tuned for the results from Round 2. Good Luck to all competitors for 2018!

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Round 2. Phillip Island – Qualifying

May 5th, 2018|0 Comments

After a Friday Practice Day with four seasons worth of weather at Phillip Island, the rain clouds cleared in time for Saturday as we prepared for Round 2 of the 2018 Victorian State Circuit Racing Championships. With qualifying for the 944 Challenge taking place first up on Saturday morning, with four drivers which were not at Sandown for Round 1 heading out onto the track. An unfortunate absentee was Jim Gallagher, who was unable to make the round after having to cancel his racing plans at the last minute. The early laps gave a good indication of who would be where on the grid, as Cameron Beller went to the top on the first lap with a 1:50.1551, ahead of Jamie Westaway into second with a 1:50.7059. Brad Winter moved into third position with his first lap of 1:51.7692, with Lyndon Watson fourth quickest after recording a 1:51.9883. Mark Taubitz was fifth fastest with a 1:52.6618, with Dick Howe into sixth on a 1:52.7375 lap. Andrew Jackman was in seventh after recording a 1:55.7570 on his first, and what would turn out to be only fast lap as he pulled off track on the next lap, and would slide down the order as others got quicker throughout the session. Keith Marriner was next in eighth with a 1:56.1450, with the returning Tim Petrusic in ninth position on a 1:56.3385, fractionally ahead of Peter Doherty with a 1:56.3440. Easing into his first laps of 2018 was Michael Westaway as he moved into the eleventh position as he ran a 1:57.6794, with Toni Andreevski twelfth on his first lap after running a 2:00.3810. Rounding out the order after lap 1 was John Vainoras with a 2:08.8259, and Jim Mitchell with a 2:15.6991. Lap 2 saw most of the field lower their times as [...]

2018 Season – Round 2 Preview!

May 3rd, 2018|0 Comments

Only 1 more sleep until the 944 Challenge hit the track for practice for the second round of the 2018 Victorian State Circuit Racing Championships! Here is the preview for this second round of the series for 2018, with a few drivers returning for their first round for the season after missing the Sandown round in March. #1 Cameron Beller – Cam started his 2018 with a perfect weekend at Sandown topping every session and winning all three races. The rest of the field will be looking to prevent him from doing a repeat performance this weekend. #28 Jamie Westaway – Jamie had a fantastic first round in the 944 Challenge, finishing second for the weekend with a pair of second place finishes matched with a third place in the second race, and he will be looking forward to his first outing at the Phillip Island venue aboard father Tony's 944. #5 Lyndon Watson – Lyndon had his best weekend to date at Sandown with a third outright for the round, including a second place finish in Race 2 after pasing Westaway on the last lap. He will have his sights set on another podium finish this weekend. #74 Mark Taubitz – Mark had a good round at Sandown despite a Race 1 spin, after which he was able to move back into the midpack and moved forward in the following races to finish fourth outright, and will be looking forward to a good weekend at Phillip Island. #46 Jim Mitchell – Jim had a fantastic weekend at Sandown which left him sitting in fifth position in the points! If he can repeat that performance this weekend, Jim will no doubt be a very happy camper! #20 Andrew Jackman – Andrew had a solid weekend at Sandown as he got his best start to a season as he rounded out [...]

Round 1. Sandown – Race 3

March 4th, 2018|0 Comments

A slightly depleted field of twelve cars fronted for the final 10 lap Race of the weekend, after the demise of Jim Gallagher's #13 car in Race 2. Returning in time for the race having repaired his car, was Dick Howe - and he would start on the back row of the grid. As it was in Races 1 & 2, Cameron Beller was able to get a good start to lead into the first corner, this time with Lyndon Watson in behind him, with Jamie Westaway and Mark Taubitz following through in third and fourth positions, with Andrew Jackman slotting into fifth spot. Behind him was Jim Mitchell, from Marius Catrina and the fast starting Dick Howe coming off the back of the grid after his race 2 DNF. Rob Holding was next, with Keith Marriner in tenth, followed by Pedr James and John Vainoras. Howe moved past Catrina down the back straight and into seventh and set his sights on Mitchell. Beller again started opening up his lead as he pulled away from the battle for second between Watson and Westaway, with Taubitz slowly dropping off of the battle for second, at the same time as pulling away from Jackman. A small mistake from Jackman into Dandenong Road corner on lap two allowed Mitchell and Howe to close right up to his bumper and make it a three way battle for fifth position. Howe got the best run onto the straight to start lap 3 and was up to fifth position, with Mitchell also moving past Jackman, dropping him to seventh spot. Rob Holding meanwhile moved past Catrina into eighth position on lap 3. Beller again was comfortable out front and continued to open up his gap on the battle for second position, with Westaway shadowing the second placed [...]

Round 1. Sandown – Race 2

March 4th, 2018|0 Comments

Sunday morning brought cooler temperatures as the 944 Challenge field set off for their second race for the weekend on Sunday morning for the second 8 lap shootout. The battle off the front row was a carbon copy of race 1 with Cameron Beller and Jamie Westaway side by side on the run to turn 1, with Beller again holding the lead as the field entered the corner. Lyndon Watson held on to third position behind them, with Dick Howe initially getting a good start before slowing on the run to Turn 1, and actually pulling off the circuit instead of taking the first corner. The car was back on the trailer and off for some quick exhaust repairs before returning in time for Race 3. Behind Watson therefore was Mark Taubitz after getting a good start from sixth position, with Jim Mitchell and Marius Catrina side by side on the run to Turn 2, with Mitchell emerging in front with the fifth position. Behind them there were dramas as Pedr James, eager to make up from his Race 1 issues got a great start from twelfth on the grid, but then looped the #98 car on entry to turn 1, causing the field to scatter around him. Andrew Jackman was next in line once everyone recovered, ahead of Jim Gallagher, Keith Marriner, John Vainoras and Rob Holding in eleventh, with James resuming at the back of the pack. Holding moved his way around Vainoras during the first lap to move into tenth position. Beller was able to pull a gap up front, while Watson was able to stay in touch with Westaway in the battle for second. Taubitz was next in fourth position and begun pulling away from the battle for fifth between Mitchell and Catrina, while Gallagher passed [...]

Round 1. Sandown – Race 1

March 3rd, 2018|0 Comments

The mercury had risen by the time the 944 Challenge field lined up for Race 1 of the 2018 season, and 13 cars lined up for the first 8 lap race. The front row starters of Cameron Beller and Jamie Westaway were even as they raced down to the first corner, with Dick Howe moving into third position ahead of Lyndon Watson and Mark Taubitz. Beller took the inside line to move into the lead through turn 1 ahead of Westaway, with Howe, Watson and Taubitz close behind. In sixth position was Rob Holding, with Marius Catrina geting a great start to move up to eighth ahead of Andrew Jackman, Jim Gallagher and Jim Mitchell rounding out the top ten. Keith Marriner was next ahead of John Vainoras and Pedr James - who dropped to the back of the pack immediately off the start of the race, and struggled with the car after repairs from his qualifying incident. Onto the back straight for the first time, and Dick Howe missed a gear change, allowing Watson to move comfortably past. Taubitz also had the momentum but was forced to take the inside line to the back esses with Howe holding his line but ultimately having to concede the position, though this allowed the front three to create a gap back to the next three with Holding on the back of Howe on the brakes for Dandenong Road corner. So it was Beller, from Westaway, Watson, Taubitz, Howe, Holding, Catrina, Jackman, Gallagher and Mitchell the top ten across the line the first time, with Marriner just behind with a gap to Vainoras, with James struggling with his car at the back of the field. Under brakes for Turn 1 at the start of Lap 2 and Howe had a look underneath Taubitz [...]

Round 1. Sandown – Qualifying

March 3rd, 2018|0 Comments

An absolutely spectacular day in Melbourne for Round 1 of the Victorian State Circuit Racing Championships for 2018 - with qualifying for the 944 Challenge taking place early in the morning - with all cars bar one running the new control suspension package for 2018. Cameron Beller was the favourite for Pole Position, with his recent primary rivals Chris Lewis-Williams, and Vince Misuraca not entering for this round. Jamie Westaway would take the reigns of father Tony's 944, and look to challenge Beller, with Lyndon Watson the sole representative for the Hi Torque Performace team for this round with Brad Winter sitting out the round. Michael Westaway was another regular who was absent for Round 1,  with regulars Mark Taubitz and Dick Howe setting their eyes on a good result for the round. Beller jumped to the top of the timesheets from the outset, his first timed lap of 1:25.6153 actually being good enough for pole position. Jamie Westaway confirmed himself as the biggest rival for Beller with a 1:26.1291 on his first lap. Lyndon Watson was third quickest with a 1:27.1577, from Dick Howe in fourth with a 1:28.7082. Jim Gallagher moved into fifth position with a 1:29.5097 ahead of Mark Taubitz on a 1:29.8614 in sixth position. Jim Mitchell was seventh fastest with a 1:30.2898, with Keith Marriner eighth (1:30.4276) Andrew Jackman ninth (1:30.6456) and Pedr James rounding out the top ten with a 1:31.5573. Rob Holding slotted into eleventh with a 1:31.8203, from Marius Catrina on a 1:32.1110, and John Vainoras thirteenth with a 1:39.8231. Beller dropped the hammer for his next lap and cemented in pole position, recording a 1:25.1748. He wasn't able to improve on that lap for the rest of the session, but it was enought for a comfortable pole position. Lyndon Watson moved onto [...]

2018 Season – Round 1 Preview!

March 1st, 2018|0 Comments

Only 1 more sleep until the 944 Challenge hit the track for the first time in 2018 in practice for the first round of the 2018 Victorian State Circuit Racing Championships! Here is the Preview for the first round of the series for 2018. A smaller than usual field for this round, though we should see an increase in numbers with some new and returning cars due to enter for Round 2! #1 Cameron Beller - Cameron is returning in an attempt to secure a third consecutive championship in 2018. With Cameron being the only race winner from 2017 to line up for the first round, he will be entering as odds on favourite to set the pace. #28 Jamie Westaway - Jamie again has commandeered the keys to Tony's 944 after his successful outing at the non points Historic round in November - and he will be hoping to challenge Beller again as he returns to the Melbourne venue in his first 944 Challenge Race weekend. #74 Mark Taubitz - Mark had a 2017 season which left him feeling unsatisfied with some up and down results through the year, and he will be looking for a strong weekend to get his 2018 season off on the right foot. #8 Dick Howe - Dick showed some good speed during 2017 season, especially at Phillip Island where he earnt a third place finish in October. He will also look to get a strong start in 2018 at Sandown. #64 Keith Marriner - Keith had a good 2017 season as he completed his first full year in the 944 Challenge, and with a number of upgrades in the off season for car #64, he will look to move further up the order at the start of his 2018 season.  #32 John Vainoras - John also had his first full season [...]

2018 944 Series


1stCameron Beller156
2ndJamie Westaway143
3rdMark Taubitz128
4thLyndon Watson115
5thAndrew Jackman109
6thKeith Marriner103
7thRichard Howe100
8thJames Mitchell95
9thJohn Vainoras88
10thBrad Winter66
11thMichael Westaway62
12thMarius Catrina54
13thPedr James48
14thRob Holding38
15thPeter Doherty30
16thToni Andreevski29
17thJames Gallagher16
18thTim Petrusic0


2018 Vic State Championship


1stCameron Beller200
2ndJamie Westaway182
3rdMark Taubitz144
4thLyndon Watson136
5thRichard Howe103
6thAndrew Jackman96
7thJim Mitchell91
8thKeith Marriner84
9thBrad Winter78
10thMichael Westaway68
11thJohn Vainoras58
12thTim Petrusic58
13thMarius Catrina50
14thPedr James39
15thRob Holding38
16thPeter Doherty18
17thToni Andreevski17
18thJames Gallagher12

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