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The 944 Challenge series for 2017 has been run and won.

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Congratulations to all competitors on a successful 2017!

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2017 Season Review

February 19th, 2018|0 Comments

The 2017 944 Challenge season was largely dominated by two drivers – with Cameron Beller and Chris Lewis-Williams sharing 21 wins of the 22 races held through the 2017 season between them.   1st position for 2017 ultimately went the way of Cameron Beller with 452 points – although it was ultimately by a scant 2 points over Lewis-Williams after all drivers dropped the points for their 'worst round', the title was decided in Bellers favour after in a consistent season meant he was unable to be caught in the points going into the final round. Ironically, this was his worst round of the season, and the only time he went winless during the weekend for the year. 11 wins, 7 second places, 2 third places and 2 fourth places, finishing every one of the 22 races (one of only two drivers to record this statistic) are testament to his second 944 Challenge Championship.   2nd for 2017 was Chris Lewis-Williams, the only person who could go toe-to-toe with Beller for the entire season, finishing with 450 points. Chris' season was ultimately unfortunately dealt a critical blow with an engine failure on the opening lap of the first race at the third round at Winton automatically becoming his worst round and unable to miss a beat for the rest of the year.   Lewis-Williams did his best to overcome the gap, and actually won the next four rounds outright, taking nine further race wins to go along with his race win in Race 3 of Round 2 at Phillip Island, but was unable to overcome the losses incurred earlier in the year, finishing the year with 10 race wins, 7 second places and 2 third places – impressively placing on the podium in every race that he greeted the chequered flag – and impressive statistic!  3rd position went the way of Tony Westaway, after a great season in which he was the only other driver alongside Beller to finish every [...]

Round 7. Phillip Island – Race 3

November 26th, 2017|0 Comments

The storm clouds refused to leave for the final race for the 2017 season, as another increase in the severity of the rain while the field waited in pre-grid ensured it would be another slippery affair for the scheduled 10 laps. Vince Misuraca got the better start off the soaking start line to lead into the first corner from Chris Lewis-Williams and Tony Westaway.  Dropping right back at the start was Cameron Beller, who didn't move off the line as he stalled and bogged down on the grid, allowing most of the field passed while he restarted and got moving. Codey West capitalised moving into fourth, ahead of Brad Winter and Paul Crocitti, who went either side of Jim Gallagher who was also slow to get away and slipped back to seventh position. Peter Doherty got a great start and was up to eighth through the first corner, ahead of Pedr James, Michael Westaway and an extra conservative Mark Taubitz. Marius Catrina was next in twelfth position, ahead of Ken Rowland, the recovering Beller, Keith Marriner, John Vainoras Dick Howe and Toni Andreevski. Not moving off the start line at all was Jim Mitchell,  pulling his car off onto the grass and retiring without crossing the start line. The field tippy-toed through turns one and two, with Peter Doherty spinning out of eighth position at Southern Loop, into the outside grass where he got bogged, with Marius Catrina also spinning on the inside on the exit of the corner, dropping him back down the order but was able to resume in fourteenth position. Another retirement was that of Howe, who pulled into the pits without completing a lap. Beller moved his way past Rowland, and then past Taubitz into Turn 1 at the beginning of Lap 2, moving him back [...]

Round 7. Phillip Island – Race 2

November 26th, 2017|0 Comments

The rainclouds descended across the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit overnight on Saturday and left a soaked and gloomy circuit to greet the 944 Challenge for their final race day for 2017. The first race of the day would be a 5 lap dash, and it was Chris Lewis-Williams who leapt into the lead on a very wet track while Cameron Beller bogged down off the line. Getting a great start into second position from fifth on the grid was Michael Westaway, with Tony Westaway in third ahead of Vince Misuraca, Beller, and another fast starter in Paul Crocitti. Mark Taubitz was next in seventh position ahead of Dick Howe. Jim Gallagher was next through with Brad Winter, Pedr James, Ken Rowland, Toni Andreevski, Peter Doherty, Codey West into fifteenth, followed by Marius Catrina, Keith Marriner, John Vainoras and Jim Mitchell. Lewis-Williams immediately started pulling a gap on the field, clearly the car and driver most in tune with the wet track which was headed by Tony Westaway after Michael Westaway spun out of second position on the second last corner of the first lap, dropping him all the way to seventeenth position before he got back on the track and up to speed. Brad Winter also had a moment dropping him down to sixteenth just ahead of Westaway, while pulling in to retire at the end of the lap was Dick Howe, leaving eighteen runners in the race. Across the line the first time it was Lewis-Williams comfortably ahead of Tony Westaway, Misuraca, Beller and Crocitti. Taubitz was next with Gallagher behind him, then James, Rowland and West up to tenth after moving ahead of Andreevski and Doherty. Doherty was next through ahead of Catrina and Marriner, with Andreevski following after a small moment, and Vainoras into fifteenth position [...]

Round 7. Phillip Island – Race 1

November 25th, 2017|0 Comments

Race 1 was held just after lunchtime in warm conditions, thought the threat of rain was looming... Two drivers werent able to take the start, as Marius Catrina lost drive on his way to pre-grid, along with Codey West who also was unable to take the start - though both would fortunately be back on the grid tomorrow for Race 2. Getting the best jump off the line was Vince Misuraca who swept around the outside of Pole Sitter Cameron Beller to lead into Southern Loop corner, with Chris Lewis-Williams slotting in behind them. Brad Winter and Tony Westaway ran through Turn 1 alongside behind them, with Winter prevailing in fourth positionwith the inside running. Next in sixth position was Mark Taubitz after getting a good start, ahead of Ken Rowland, Paul Crocitti, Michael Westaway and Pedr James. Jim Gallahger was next through in eleventh position, ahead of Keith Marriner, Peter Doherty and Dick Howe - the latter after stalling from sixth position at the start sending him back down the field. Jim Mitchell was next ahead of Ken Knight, with Toni Andreevski and John Vainoras rounding out the field. Beller took the wide line through Southern Loop in an attempt to move around Misuraca, but this allowed Lewis-Williams to sneak through on the inside and take the second position on the run to Stoner corner. Lewis-Williams moved to the left on the run to Honda corner and took the high line around the outside. He was able to remain alongside which gave him the inside run for Siberia corner, the prefered race line allowing him to move into the lead, with Beller following his move and moving into second at the same time, relegating Misuraca back to third. Misuraca moved alongside Beller under brakes for MG corner to attempt [...]

Round 7. Phillip Island – Qualifying

November 25th, 2017|0 Comments

Qualifying for the Island Magic event was bright and early on Saturday morning as the 20 car field headed onto the circuit just after 9am. Cameron Beller set the benchmark first up as he recorded a 1:50.4653 to top the times as the drivers set their first competitive lap, with Chris Lewis-Williams and Tony Westaway close together in second and third, with Chris's 1:50.8269 just ahead of Tony's 1:50.8873, with Vince Misuraca just behind in fourth with a 1:51.5914. A small gap back to Brad Winter in fifth with a 1:52.5070, with Ken Rowland sixth on a 1:52.7637. Mark Taubitz was next in seventh position with a 1:53.2489, just ahead of Michael Westaway's 1:53.2756, with Codey West (1:53.4850) and Dick Howe (1:53.7853) rounding out the top half of the field early on. Jim Gallagher was eleventh with a 1:54.5303, ahead of Keith Marriner on a 1:55.6032, Marius Catrina (1:55.7580) Paul Crocitti (1:57.4298) and Ken Knight fifteenth after recording a 1:59.0622 lap. Pedr James was sixteenth with a 1:59.5012, ahead of Toni Andreevski (1:59.8340) Peter Doherty (2:00.5180) John Vainoras (2:07.1545)and Jim Mitchell, who was having engine cut off issues with his car as he recorded a 2:38.6168 before pulling off the circuit. The top 5 all improved their times on the second lap, though the positions stayed the same, with Bellers fastest time now a 1:49.7070, from Lewis-Williams 1:49.7736, Westaway's 1:49.8268, Misuraca's 1:50.5769 and Winter's 1:50.9391. Michael Westaway recorded a 1:51.1300 to move himself up to sixth, ahead of Taubitz who ran a 1:51.7553 and remianed seventh, with West running a 1:52.3243. Mechanical issues for West meant he was unable to continue and put an end to his session. Moving up to tenth was Gallagher after recording a 1:53.2066, putting him behind Rowland who slipped to ninth spot. Crocitti moved up [...]

2017 Round 7 Preview – Phillip Island GP Circuit

November 18th, 2017|0 Comments

The seventh and final round of the 2017 944 Challenge is looming, and a strong field of 20 drivers are getting prepared for a big weekend of action at Phillip Island as this round coincides with the prestigious Island Magic Race Weekend. Here is a quick preview of who will be out on track this weekend: #1 Cameron Beller – Cam Beller has an unassailable points lead by virtue of the dropped worst round rule - however he will go into the weekend looking to finish on a high note to bookend his 2017 season. #37 Chris Lewis-Williams – Chris has secured second in the 2017 season pointscore, paying dearly for his Winton weekend and unable to threaten Beller for the series title. He will also look to be on the top step of the podium for Island Magic as he resumes his battle with Beller. #50 Tony Westaway – Tony has secured third outright in the points with a string of podium finishes throughout the year, another selection of podiums will be his plan for the weekend to underline his points position for the year. #45 Michael Westaway – Michael was again strong at Phillip Island last round, another good round will be his plan to stay fourth in the series points. #15 Vince Misuraca – After missing a few rounds Vince has slipped down the order and out of series contention, but can move back up to fourth with a strong weekend this weekend. #74 Mark Taubitz – Sixth in the points for Taubitz after an up and down season, he will be looking to stay in that spot with a consistent weekend. #8 Dick Howe – One of his best weekends for a while at Phillip Island with a podium finsih for the series veteran, he will look to continue that this weekend with another [...]

Historic Round Exhibition Event. Sandown – Race 3

November 12th, 2017|0 Comments

The third and final race of the weekend saw a similar story at the start as the previous two races, with the BMW Super Tourer of Chris Oxley bogging down with the 944s leaping away, and Michael Holdcroft challenging. This time it was Jamie Westaway into the lead, with Holdcroft moving up to alongside around the entry to Turn 1, slotting in behind Westaway. Cameron Beller was next, with Oxley finding a wall of cars blocking in front of him once the car came up to power, and had to settle for fourth through Turn 1, with Mark Taubitz right on his bumper. Alex Jory in the E30 was able to get ahead of Pedr James for sixth position in th Turn 2/3 complex after running side-by-side through Turn 1, with Jim Mitchell into eighth, Peter Doherty in ninth and Tim Freeman into tenth. Brian Bourke, John Vainoras and Dick Howe rounded out the field, but moved past Vainoras down the back straight in Lap 1. Down the back straight for the first time and Beller made his way past Holdcroft into second position, and was then gifted the lead when Westaway went into Dandenong Road corner a little too deep under brakes, and went wide allowing Beller through. Holdcroft pulled alongside as Westaway rejoined the track but slightly compromised his run - this allowed Oxley to dart to the left and the three ran side-by-side-by-side to the final two corners, with Taubitz right behind waiting to capitalise on the battle in front. Oxley was able to round up the pair before braking for the final corner, with Holdcroft going through in third ahead of Westaway and Taubitz, the four covered by a tiny margin while Beller attempted to clear off in front. Westaway didn't want to hang around though [...]

2017 944 Series

Final Pointscore

1stCameron Beller452
2ndChris Lewis-Williams450
3rdTony Westaway392
4thVince Misuraca353
5thMichael Westaway345
6thMark Taubitz281
7thRichard Howe222
8thKeith Marriner215
9thJohn Vainoras213
10thBrad Winter210
11thJames Gallagher208
12thLyndon Watson195
13thCodey West191
14thKen Rowland181
15thPaul Crocitti164
16thRob Holding161
17thMarius Catrina159
18thJames Mitchell138
19thPedr James122
20thRobert Lange115
21stAndrew Jackman94
22ndPeter Doherty94
23rdToni Andreevski76
24thBen Raphael62
25thRyan Woods59
26thSam Rofe52
27thRoss Millar39
28thPaul Greer0
29thKen Knight0

*Pointscore calculated with worst dropped round removed from total.

2017 Vic State Championship

Final Pointscore

1stCameron Beller476
2ndChris Lewis-Williams380
3rdTony Westaway359
4thVince Misuraca347
5thMichael Westaway277
6thLyndon Watson187
7thBrad Winter184
8thMark Taubitz176
9thCodey West168
10thRichard Howe147
11thJames Gallagher146
12thRobert Lange120
13thRob Holding118
14thKeith Marriner89
15thKen Rowland84
16thJohn Vainoras83
17thAndrew Jackman73
18thPaul Crocitti70
19thJim Mitchell70
20thMarius Catrina53
21stPedr James51
22ndSam Rofe46
23rdPeter Doherty38
24thBen Raphael34
25thRoss Millar26
26thPaul Greer0

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