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  • Round 1. Sandown – Race 3

Round 1. Sandown – Race 3

  • March 24th, 2017

All was dry for the final race of the weekend at 1:30 on Sunday afternoon after the unexpected moisture for race 2 – and all 22 cars that qualified on Saturday morning lined up to take the starters orders for the final race on Sunday afternoon.

It was even-stevens off the line amongst the front two rows on the race to turn 1 from the start, with Cameron Beller able to hold position as the leaders entered the corner, ahead of Chris Lewis-Williams. Vince Misuraca and Brad Winter rounded turn 1 side-by-side with Misuraca able to take the third position with the inside line for turn 2.

Behind them in fifth position was Robert Lange, ahead of Dick Howe, Tony Westaway and Paul Crocitti in eighth position. Getting a great start from thirteenth on the grid was Michael Westaway, who took the ninth position ahead of Mark Taubitz in tenth.

Slotted into eleventh was Pedr James, with Ken Rowland in twelfth as they rounded turn 1, with a slow starting Jim Gallagher side-by-side with a fast starting Ross Millar through the corner. Marius Catrina was next from Peter Doherty, Keith Marriner, Rob Holding, Ben Raphael, Jim Mitchell and John Vainoras. Paul Greer again made a strong start but pulled off very quickly, with his mechanical issues still not solved, he retired the #14 car.

On the short run to turn 2 there was some action mid pack as Ross Millar, Jim Gallagher and Ken Rowland were three wide on the approach to the corner, though Millar braked latest and with the inside line, took the twelfth position with Gallagher sweeping around the outside to move into thirteenth ahead of Rowland. Down the back straight, Gallagher then rounded up Millar with a bold move around the outside at the end of the back straight […]

  • Round 1. Sandown – Race 2

Round 1. Sandown – Race 2

  • March 24th, 2017

The forecast for Sunday morning was for overcast but dry conditions, however to throw a curveball to the drivers there was some rain amongst the clouds, wetting the track a bit before the race. Although dry for the last 40 minutes or so before the race was due to commence, the rain started again as the field made its way around on the warm up lap, which would cause some drivers to groan in frustration, and others to grin with happiness.

As the lights went out the front row starters of Vince Misuraca and Cameron Beller slithered away from the startline but would both be overtaken before the first corner by the second row, with Brad Winter leading into turn 1 from fourth on the grid, with Chris Lewis-Williams up to second ahead of Beller in third with Misuraca dropping back to fourth.

Those that started on the outside line all seemed to get the traction advantage as Tony Westaway moved past Dick Howe into fifth, and Paul Crocitti moved into seventh behind Howe, and ahead of Mark Taubitz.

Getting a brilliant start was Robert Lange, and from his thirteenth position on the grid he was ninth going into the first corner, ahead of Jim Gallagher, Ken Rowland, Pedr James, Ross Millar, Jim Mitchell and Paul Greer who also made a fantastic start from 22nd on the grid up to fifteenth into turn 1. Following through was Peter Doherty, Michael Westaway, Marius Catrina, Rob Holding, Keith Marriner, Ben Raphael & John Vainoras.

There was all sorts of action in the mid pack as the field tippy-toed to turn 2, as James pulled clear of Rowland, and Millar then made a move to also pass Rowland under brakes for turn 2. Greer outrun Mitchell to turn 2 and followed Millar through past Rowland and […]

  • Round 1. Sandown – Race 1

Round 1. Sandown – Race 1

  • March 23rd, 2017

The first race for 2017 was eagerly anticipated, and with 22 cars lining up on the grid an exciting 10 laps was assured, with plenty of close dicing and changing of positions.

It was an even jump off the line from the front runners as they raced towards the first corner when the lights went out. Robert Lange was able to hold onto the lead through turn 1 with Cameron Beller slotting in behind. and keeping ahead of Vince Misuraca who maintained third position with Chris Lewis-Williams behind them.

Tony Westaway got a good jump and slotted into fifth with Brad Winter behind him with a couple of fast starting Pauls behind them, Paul Crocitti into seventh and Paul Greer into eighth.

Not getting a good start was Mark Taubitz, who dropped back to ninth from his fifth position start, with Ken Rowland behind alongside Dick Howe as they went through the first few corners. Pedr James was twelfth ahead of Jim Gallagher who recovered from a poor getaway to be thirteenth, with Ross Millar who also got a good start in fourteenth.

Peter Doherty was into fifteenth ahead of Marius Catrina who got a poor start and dropped to sixteenth. They were followed by Mitchell, Holding, Westaway, Marriner, Raphael and Vainoras.

The top 4 runners pulled a slight gap on the next pack of 5 cars, while there was a scrap over tenth position between Howe & Rowland, which Howe was able to win as they exited turn 4 for the run up the back straight. This caused Rowland to drop behind James & Gallagher with a compromised run down the back straight and just held Millar at bay as they reached the esses at the end of the back straight. Meanwhile, Michael Westaway managed to move himself into seventeenth by the end of […]

  • Round 1. Sandown – Qualifying

Round 1. Sandown – Qualifying

  • March 23rd, 2017

A strong 23 entries for Round  1 of the 2017 944 Challenge was reduced to 22 by the time Qualifying commenced on Saturday morning, with the withdrawal of Andrew Jackman after a mishap during Friday’s practice session ruling him out for the weekend.

As the field circulated and posted their first flying laps, Robert Lange appeared at the top of the sheets with a 1:26.0909, ahead of Vince Misuraca with a 1:26.4783, and Chris Lewis-Williams with a 1:26.5184. There was a gap following the first trio as the rest of the field found space on the track to run their fast laps, with Beller recording a 1:27.7005 on his first lap ahead of Winter, 5th fastest with a 1:28.2495.

Sixth fastest after lap 1 was Dick Howe a 1:28.4384, though unfortunately this was Dick’s only flying lap as the car came to a halt on the side of the track. Seventh on his first flying lap was Ross Millar, recording a quick 1:28.9619, just ahead of Mark Taubitz’s 1:29.1900, and Pedr James and Paul Crocitti rounding out the top ten with 1:29.2464 & 1:29.2944 laps respectively.

Eleventh was Paul Greer with a 1:29.5582, just ahead of Jim Gallagher on a 1:29.6927 lap, with Marius Catrina, Tony Westaway and Peter Doherty next in line with laps of 1:30.5021, 1:31.4160 & 1:31.8077.

Ken Rowland was sixteenth after his first lap with 1:32.4991 just ahead of Jim Mitchell with 1:32.5877, Michael Westaway on 1:32.6962, Keith Marriner with 1:32.9450 and Rob Holding twentieth with a 1:33.1980. Ben Raphael was next on 1:37.0013 just ahead of John Vainoras’ 1:37.6546.

Lange was the first man into the 25’s the following lap with a 1:25.3717, with Lewis-Williams up to second with a 1:26.1946, with Beller closing the gap to the top 3 with a 1:26.5571.

Taubitz moved up to fifth with a 1:27.0876, ahead of Winter who went quicker with […]

  • 2017 Season Preview! Round 1 Sandown – Part 2

2017 Season Preview! Round 1 Sandown – Part 2

  • March 1st, 2017

Only a couple of days left before we hit the track for Practice for Round 1! Here is the second part of our preview of the drivers who will be on the grid at Sandown.
#14 Paul Greer
Making a return for 2017 is Paul Greer, with his pristine looking Bronze coloured #14 Porsche 944.

Paul has had mechanical gremlins hamper his last two race weekends in the past couple of seasons, and he will be hoping some work on the car in the off season will mean that they are now a thing of the past!
#15 Vince Misuraca
Returning to defend his State Series title from 2016 is Vince Misuraca.

Vince had an extremely consistent season and was able to comfortably clinch the State series, and took the battle for the 944 season title down to the wire at the last round at Winton.

His speed and reliability will mean he will enter Round 1 as one of the favourites this weekend.
#16 Paul Crocitti
Paul had a great start to his 2016 season with two 5th place finishes in the first two races before an engine failure caused a DNF, and Paul didn’t return until the last round of the series at Winton.

Paul again showed good pace and he will be hoping that that translates to good speed at the fast Sandown Raceway venue as he looks to compete in the full 2017 season.
#18 Ross Millar
Another of the drivers from our big list of 23 entered for Round 1 is Ross Millar.

Ross returned for four rounds last year after sitting out the 2015 season, and earned himself 5 top 10 finishes from the 11 races that he started.

For season 2017 Ross will be looking to compete in the full season and to get himself consistently inside the top 10.
#29 Ben Raphael
Ben Raphael was another driver to the […]

2017 944 Series


Cameron Beller76
Vince Misuraca71
Chris Lewis-Williams70
Brad Winter66
Tony Westaway59
Richard Howe59
Robert Lange55
Mark Taubitz53
Paul Crocitti51
Ken Rowland43
Pedr James40
Ross Millar39
Marius Catrina37
Peter Doherty34
James Gallagher34
Michael Westaway32
James Mitchell28
Keith Marriner27
Ben Raphael23
Rob Holding23
John Vainoras17
Paul Greer0
Andrew Jackman0

*Pointscore calculated with worst dropped round removed from total.

2017 Vic State Championship


Cameron Beller98
Chris Lewis-Williams90
Vince Misuraca80
Brad Winter76
Tony Westaway61
Richard Howe60
Robert Lange57
Mark Taubitz48
Paul Crocitti44
Ken Rowland29
Michael Westaway28
James Gallagher28
Pedr James27
Ross Millar26
Marius Catrina22
Peter Doherty19
Jim Mitchell13
Keith Marriner12
Ben Raphael8
Rob Holding8
John Vainoras2
Paul Greer0
Andrew Jackman0

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