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Our aim is to provide competitive and affordable motor racing. The class specifications will be reviewed annually and published on this site prior to the commencement of the season.

The Technical Scrutineer and Driving Standards Officer for 2022 is Peter Murray, whose first meeting in this role was Round 2 of the 2016 944 series held on April 30/May 1. Peter can be contacted via e-mail at PeterLMurray@hotmail.com

The Technical Scrutineers tasks are to report to the committee on all matters regarding to the legalities of all competing vehicles, to observe the driving standards of the competitors, and to obtain, compile and report to the committee on any incidents in relation to the 944 Association on-track activity. A full description of the Adjudicators role, including that of observing Driver standards will be available soon, along with a summary of racing rules and driving standards that all drivers of the association must abide to.

Any incidents on track will be referred back to this racing standards document when determining if any particular driver is at fault in an on track altercation. The committee will then decide on the result after reviewing the incident reports and any further supporting evidence.

The 944 Challenge Class is defined as a Group 2B Marque Sports car as per the CAMS Manual of Motor Sport with further restrictions as described in the 944 Challenge Rules Clarification Document.

Changes to these specifications are documented in the Revision History page. All car owners will be alerted by email when a specification change has been posted. The sending of such notification will be deemed sufficient notice to each car owner. It is the responsibility of each car owner to notify the 944 Association committee of any change to their e-mail address.