Hall of Fame

The 944 Challenge has grown from its beginnings in 1999 when a handful of eager 944 owners regularly entered in the Marque Sports class of the Victorian Motor Racing Championship. Since then, numbers increased rapidly to the point where every round of the 944 Challenge has been a stand-alone race for 944′s since the start of 2002.

Field numbers are strong with 20-30 cars in each event, and as a tightly controlled one-make category running control engine components, transmission, brakes and tyres, are a real test of driver ability. The class controls are designed to equalise the performance of the cars while limiting the running costs and maintaining reliability. A testament to the reliability of these cars is the lack of activity in the pits between races. It is quite common to do nothing all weekend except top-up fuel, check tyre pressures and fluid levels.

Any 944 model (built from 1982 to 1989) with the single cam non-turbo 2.5 litre fuel injected engine is eligible. It is also possible to upgrade a 924 although many changes are needed. See the Rules and Regulations page for the full details.

Membership to the 944 Racing Association Inc. is required, and a membership application form can be downloaded here.

Race entry forms can be downloaded from the Calendar page as soon as they become available.

There are many alternatives for getting into 944 racing. Buy a new purpose built race car to your requirements, buy a second hand race car, build your own, or even rent one for a weekend!

Below is an Honor Roll for the History of the 944 Challenge:

*Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic is 2020, both championships were abandoned for that year. The Championships and accompanying awards will resume in 2021.

2021Jamie WestawayCameron BellerTony Westaway
2019Cameron BellerTony WestawayKen Rowland
2018Cameron BellerJamie WestawayMark Taubitz
2017Cameron BellerChris Lewis-WilliamsTony Westaway
2016Cameron BellerVince MisuracaChris Lewis-Williams
2015Adam MillsCameron BellerLee Partridge
2014Chris Lewis-WilliamsVince MisuracaJohn Stanic
2013Chris Lewis-WilliamsVince MisuracaGraham Smith
2012Richard MuscatSteve CourtisRobert Lange
2011Chris Lewis-WilliamsIvan KlasanRobert Lange
2010Robert LangeJohn (Spud) WoodChris Lewis-Williams
2009Robert LangeJohn MorrissChris Lewis-Williams
2008Robert LangeJohn MorrissChris Lewis-Williams
2007Robert LangeJustin TateRichard Howe
2006Brent RoseRobert LangeDennis O'Keefe
2005Brent RoseSam AbayRobert Lange
2004Kane RoseSteve CannyJohn Morriss
2003Brendan MorterJohn GoddardMark Eddy
2002Brendan MorterMark EddyPaul Faulkner
2001Paul FaulknerGarth Rainsbury
2000Paul FaulknerDennis O'Keefe
1999Paul Faulkner

4 Time Champion:

Robert Lange (2007-2010)

Cameron Beller (2016-2019)

3 Time Champion:

Chris Lewis-Williams (2011, 2013, 2014)

Paul Faulkner (1999-2001)

2 Time Champion:

Brent Rose (2005, 2006)

Brendan Morter (2002, 2003)

Single Championship:

Jamie Westaway (2021)

Adam Mills (2015)

Richard Muscat (2012)

Kane Rose (2004)

The Rookie of the Year award is presented by the committee to the driver who in their first full year of competition at State level, merits this recognition on the basis of attendance, race results, presentation, sportsmanship and contribution to the Association.
2019Adam Brewer
2018Jamie Westaway
2017Keith Marriner
2016Brad Winter
2015Lee Partridge
2014Not Awarded
2013Adam Mills
2012Richard Muscat
2011Not Awarded
2010Cameron Beller
2009Ivan Klasan
2008Sean Carter
2007Justin Tate
2006Chris Lewis-Williams
2005Sam Abay
2004Brent Rose
2003Bruce Rose
2002Jed Comand
2001Peter Doherty
The Most Improved award is based on a driver’s improvement in finishing position across the championship season, with consideration given to abnormal circumstances e.g. a front runner having a run of DNF’s at the start of the year.
2019Toni Andreevski
2018Pedr James
2017Keith Marriner
2016Ken Rowland
2015Mark Taubitz
2014Cameron Beller
2013Graham Smith
2012Tony Westaway
2011Hamish Hardeman
2010Cameron Beller
2009Michael Westaway
2008Sean Carter
2007Tony Westaway
2006Michael Westaway
2005Jed Comand
2004Eric Bana
2003Peter Doherty
2002James Vos
Calder - LongJohn Morriss1m07.420422/06/2008
Calder - ShortSteve Canny0m47.582415/02/2003
Eastern CreekChris Lewis-Williams1m45.901620/05/2012
MallalaChris Lewis-Williams1m19.616319/08/2017
Mount PanoramaJustin Tate2m45.866420/02/2009
Oran ParkJohn Morriss1m21.253531/08/2008
Phillip IslandAdam Mills1m47.192820/09/2015
SandownCameron Beller1m24.001119/07/2015
Tailem Bend Int.Cameron Beller2m11.892921/10/2018
WintonCameron Beller1m33.94622/09/2018
Winton ShortChris Lewis-Williams1m05.01374/12/2016
Racing CircuitDateRaceDriverLap Record
Calder-Short15/02/2003Race 1Brendan Morter0m47.8488
Calder-Short15/02/2003Race 2Mark Eddy0m47.8070
Calder-Short15/02/2003Race 3Steve Canny0m47.5824
Racing CircuitDateRaceDriverLap Record
Calder6/08/2000Race 1Paul Faulkner1m11.6588
Calder6/08/2000Race 3Dennis O’keefe1m11.3951
Calder13/10/2001Race 1Mark Eddy1m10.7505
Calder21/04/2002Race 1Brendan Morter1m10.2246
Calder21/04/2002Race 2Mark Eddy1m10.0320
Calder20/10/2002Race 1Mark Eddy1m09.3334
Calder20/10/2002Race 2Mark Eddy1m09.2553
Calder20/10/2002Race 3Mark Eddy1m09.2410
Calder17/06/2006Race 1Andrew Beams1m08.7035
Calder18/06/2006Race 3Ken Knight1m08.7012
Calder16/09/2006Race 2Robert Lange1m08.3194
Calder16/09/2006Race 2Brent Rose1m08.1477
Calder23/06/2007Race 1Robert Lange1m08.1316
Calder23/06/2007Race 1Josh Hunt1m07.9724
Calder23/06/2007Race 1Josh Hunt1m07.7513
Calder23/06/2007Race 2Robert Lange1m07.5373
Calder23/06/2007Race 3Robert Lange1m07.4971
Calder21/06/2008Race 1John Morriss1m07.4204
Racing CircuitDateRaceDriverLap Record
Eastern Creek20/05/2012Race 3Chris Lewis-Williams1m45.9016
Racing CircuitDateRaceDriverLap Record
Mallala28/03/2004Race 1Kane Rose1m23.9527
Mallala28/03/2004Race 2Kane Rose1m23.6053
Mallala12/02/2005Race 1Brent Rose1m22.2396
Mallala13/02/2005Race 4Sam Abay1m21.8993
Mallala19/08/2017Race 1Chris Lewis-Williams1m19.6163
Racing CircuitDateRaceDriverLap Record
Mt. Panorama21/11/2003Race 1Brendan Morter2m46.3953
Mt. Panorama20/02/2009Race 1Justin Tate2m45.8664
Racing CircuitDateRaceDriverLap Record
Oran Park12/07/2003Race 1Mark Eddy1m23.2572
Oran Park12/07/2003Race 2Brendan Morter1m22.4847
Oran Park31/08/2008Race 2Elliot Barbour1m21.8621
Oran Park31/08/2008Race 3Robert Lange1m21.6162
Oran Park31/08/2008Race 3John Morriss1m21.2535
Racing CircuitDateRaceDriverLap Record
Phillip Island11/06/2000Race 1Calvin Pusterla1m57.7623
Phillip Island2/09/2000Race 2Paul Faulkner1m57.7126
Phillip Island1/09/2001Race 2Garth Rainsbury1m57.2976
Phillip Island9/06/2002Race 1Garth Rainsbury1m55.9371
Phillip Island1/09/2002Race 1Brendan Morter1m54.9187
Phillip Island1/09/2002Race 2Brendan Morter1m54.5619
Phillip Island1/09/2002Race 3Dennis O’keefe1m54.2028
Phillip Island9/08/2003Race 1Brendan Morter1m54.1375
Phillip Island7/09/2003Race 1Brendan Morter1m54.0524
Phillip Island13/06/2004Race 1Kane Rose1m53.0571
Phillip Island13/06/2004Race 1Kane Rose1m52.6520
Phillip Island13/06/2004Race 1Brent Rose1m52.4886
Phillip Island5/09/2004Race 2Kane Rose1m52.3764
Phillip Island10/06/2007Race 2Josh Hunt1m52.3375
Phillip Island10/06/2007Race 3Robert Lange1m51.7969
Phillip Island3/09/2007Race 1Justin Tate1m51.7775
Phillip Island2/09/2007Race 1Robert Lange1m51.7513
Phillip Island3/09/2007Race 2Robert Lange1m51.7173
Phillip Island3/09/2007Race 2Justin Tate1m51.3328
Phillip Island3/09/2007Race 2Justin Tate1m51.1836
Phillip Island3/09/2007Race 2Justin Tate1m51.0708
Phillip Island17/04/2011Race 1Chris Lewis-Willliams1m51.0306
Phillip Island21/04/2012Race 1Richard Muscat1m50.1071
Phillip Island13/10/2012Race 1Richard Muscat1m49.5634
Phillip Island14/10/2012Race 2Richard Muscat1m48.9276
Phillip Island25/11/2012Race 2Richard Muscat1m48.6220
Phillip Island27/10/2013Race 2Kane Rose1m48.4201
Phillip Island1/12/2013Race 2Chris Lewis-Willliams1m48.1412
Phillip Island5/10/2014Race 2Kane Rose1m47.5897
Phillip Island20/09/2015Race 3Adam Mills1m47.1928
Racing CircuitDateRaceDriverLap Record
Sandown25/03/2000Race 1Calvin Pusterla1m34.0392
Sandown25/03/2000Race 3Dennis O’Keefe1m33.7407
Sandown1/10/2000Race 1Calvin Pusterla1m33.0667
Sandown1/10/2000Race 3Dennis O’keefe1m32.9799
Sandown22/10/2000Race 2Calvin Pusterla1m32.8834
Sandown28/04/2001Race 2Garth Rainsbury1m32.6294
Sandown19/05/2002Race 1Brendan Morter1m31.8129
Sandown19/05/2002Race 3Brendan Morter1m31.3510
Sandown28/07/2002Race 1Garth Rainsbury1m30.3332
Sandown28/07/2002Race 2Brendan Morter1m29.1865
Sandown28/07/2002Race 3Garth Rainsbury1m29.0004
Sandown5/04/2003Race 1Brendan Morter1m28.9464
Sandown19/07/2003Race 1Warren Luff1m27.1922
Sandown20/07/2003Race 2Warren Luff1m26.9236
Sandown14/07/2007Race 2Robert Lange1m25.8275
Sandown23/05/2009Race 1Brent Rose1m25.3106
Sandown16/06/2012Race 1Robert Lange1m24.9580
Sandown16/06/2012Race 1Richard Muscat1m24.8901
Sandown21/07/2012Race 1Richard Muscat1m24.5625
Sandown22/07/2012Race 3Richard Muscat1m24.5153
Sandown20/07/2014Race 2Chris Lewis-Williams1m24.5081
Sandown20/07/2014Race 3Chris Lewis-Williams1m24.4665
Sandown17/05/2015Race 2Brent Rose1m24.4354
Sandown19/07/2015Race 2Cameron Beller1m24.2628
Sandown19/07/2015Race 3Cameron Beller1m24.0011
Racing CircuitDateRaceDriverLap Record
Tailem Bend Int.20/10/2018Race 1Cameron Beller2m12.2694
Tailem Bend Int.21/10/2018Race 3Cameron Beller2m11.9446
Tailem Bend Int.21/10/2018Race 4Cameron Beller2m11.8929
Racing CircuitDateRaceDriverLap Record
Winton15/04/2000Race 1Paul Faulkner1m43.7912
Winton17/03/2001Race 1Paul Faulkner1m41.3980
Winton10/03/2002Race 1Brendan Morter1m40.5063
Winton16/03/2003Race 1Mark Eddy1m40.1864
Winton16/03/2003Race 2Mark Eddy1m39.8361
Winton20/09/2003Race 1Brendan Morter1m39.4692
Winton1/05/2005Race 1Sam Abay1m38.5859
Winton1/05/2005Race 2Brent Rose1m38.1521
Winton13/04/2008Race 2Paul Stephenson1m38.0946
Winton13/04/2008Race 3Steve Tupek1m38.0024
Winton30/08/2008Race 2Steve Courtis1m37.6803
Winton28/08/2010Race 1John Wood1m37.6094
Winton27/08/2011Race 1Chris Lewis-Willliams1m37.2106
Winton11/03/2012Race 3Steve Courtis1m36.9950
Winton10/03/2013Race 2Chris Lewis-Williams1m36.6770
Winton7/07/2013Race 3Vince Misuraca1m36.5662
Winton7/07/2013Race 3Cameron Beller1m36.4822
Winton7/09/2014Race 1Brent Rose1m36.1059
Winton5/03/2016Race 1Vince Misuraca1m35.6061
Winton5/03/2016Race 1Cameron Beller1m35.4726
Winton3/09/2016Race 1Chris Lewis-Williams1m35.0349
Winton4/09/2016Race 2Cameron Beller1m34.0791
Winton17/06/2017Race 1Vince Misuraca1m33.9848
Winton02/09/2018Race 2Cameron Beller1m33.9722
Winton02/09/2018Race 2Cameron Beller1m33.9462
Racing CircuitDateRaceDriverLap Record
Winton Short3/12/2016Race 1Cameron Beller1m05.3302
Winton Short4/12/2016Race 3Chris Lewis-Williams1m05.0137