Build a Car

Budget Porsche Racing! It sounds like a contradiction but it is possible. For those wanting to join in the most economic way, here’s a brief on how to put together a 944 Challenge car to the minimum specification.


Standard N/A 2.5 litre 4 Cylinder 944 Porsche, 5 speed manual. Left or Right hand drive
CAMS Approved Roll Cage
Yokohama A050 Control Semi-Slick Tyres
Control brake pads
Control ECU – Motec or Wolf
FIA Approved Racing Seat and Harness
Secondary Fuel Cell Isolation from the Cockpit
Window Net
Towing Points (Front & Rear)
Various Safety Stickers (Battery Location, Electrical Cut-off, Tow Points)
FIA approved LED Rain Light, Approved Driving Lights (1000 lumen or higher)
Racing Numbers
Battery Isolation Switch


Remove passenger seat, carpets, spare wheel, roof lining and tools.
Install a roll cage from a CAMS approved builder.
Install seat, harness and window net
Fit tyres, ECU kit and brake pads
If front lower control arms are alloy, replace them.
Fit towing points
Add adhesive film to headlights and driving lights
Install battery isolation switch operable from inside and outside the cabin.
If the car is not road registered, disable the ignition/steering lock device.
Add race numbers to sides and front
Add windscreen banner
Add stickers for tow points, battery, battery isolator switch, CAMS sticker
When finished, take a photo and apply to CAMS for an inspection and a log book.

Enter a race and go…

If you follow these steps, you will build the most basic of 944 challenge cars. Including the cost of a second hand road registered car (pick one up for between $7,000 and $10,000), you could put together a 944 Challenge car and get change from $20,000. This car probably won’t get you up on the podium but if you’ve always wanted to go racing, you’re on the track with a car that can be upgraded at your own pace and budget.

Want better performance without expense?

Lose weight! It costs nothing but a little work. You have a lot of it to lose in order to meet the minimum of 1100 kg with driver, and you will be surprised all the stuff you can do without.

Once you are on the track, it won’t be long before your sleepless nights will be filled with thoughts and plans for making your car go faster and dreaming about perfecting your race lines and braking points!