Round 7. Winton – Race 2

Round 7. Winton – Race 2

Race 2 on Saturday afternoon saw Vince Misuraca and Cameron Beller starting alongside one another on the front row, with Chris Lewis-Williams in behind on row 2 alongside Brad Winter.

A very even start amongst the top group as they all left in unison off towards turn 1. With Misuraca on the inside for the start he was able to hold the line and maintain the lead, but he pushed slightly wide on the exit and slight contact was made with Beller’s nose against the rear of the United Petroleum Porsche. On the run to the left hand sweeper for the first time the headlight panel for Beller’s car went skywards like a rocket as Beller moved outside of the draft from Misuraca, but it fluttered back to ground and was swiftly recovered by the trackside marshals.

Lewis-Williams maintained his position ahead of Winter and Mark Taubitz in fifth, while Ken Rowland got a good initial jump but was passed by Tony Westawy for sixth position going into turn 2. Behind them was Paul Crocitti who also gained a position on Michael Westaway to be 8th, with Jim Gallagher behind the pair in 10th. John Goddard was 11th ahead of Ross Millar, Pedr James, Marius Catrina, Greg Wood, Ben Raphael, Peter Doherty and John Vainoras.

Misuraca this time was able to get a gap of a few car lengths from Beller, meanwhile Lewis-Williams had dropped off the tail from the top two and had Winter following in his tracks. Taubitz was following behind before a small mistake dropped him back a couple of seconds behind. Tony Westaway had also slipped back while he worked hard to keep Rowland behind him to defend the sixth position.

Michael Westaway made a move on Crocitti to go back into the 8th position into turn 1 at the start of Lap 4, while Catrina made an error and dropped back to 17th behind Wood, Raphael & Doherty.

On Lap 6 Crocitti had a big spin exiting the sweeper, and was missed by Gallagher who was following him as his car spun 360 degrees and returned back onto the track, though John Goddard who was next wasn’t so lucky and was left with nowhere to go apart from the rear of the Gasgep car, putting them both out of the race, and unfortunately neither would be seen on track for the rest of the weekend. Doherty was also able to make a move on Raphael and into the 13th position.

This was the way the field would cross the line to finish the 8 lap affair, with Misuraca crossing the line 4 tenths of a second ahead of Beller, with Lewis-Williams a small distance behind from Winter, and a gap back to Taubitz – the top 5 results the same as Race 1.

Tony Westaway held onto 6th from Rowland, with Michael Westaway and Jim Gallagher racing to the finish with some space on the track around them. Millar had his hands full to finish in 10th with James hot on his heels, holding out Wood who was closing rapidly and finished 12th.

Doherty was 13th after moving away from Raphael, with Catrina and Vainoras being the final finishers.

A second race win for Misuraca meant the gap to Beller in the series points was now only 3, and he was now 6 points ahead of Lewis-Williams with one final race for the series championship to be held at 10am Sunday morning!

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