Round 5. Winton – Race 2

Round 5. Winton – Race 2

Sunday morning and 18 cars gridded up for Race 2 – absent was Jim Gallagher who was unable to compete in the Sunday races, and Dick Howe. Despite missing Qualifying and Race 1, the Yellow #8 Porsche was back at Winton after a trip to Melbourne to find a replacement alternator – however a further problem while warming up the car in the morning meant the car would also miss Race 2.

Cameron Beller was back on the track, and would be starting from position 17 in his attempt to get back to the front and consolidate what was now a diminished points lead.

As the lights went out Lewis-Williams again led away, as Partridge again got past Vince Misuraca, this time into turn 1. Misuraca slotted behind into third ahead of Tony Westaway, with Mark Taubitz getting the jump on Michael Westaway for fifth.

Ken Rowland maintained his 7th position ahead of a fast starting Ken Knight, then Pedr James & Greg Wood in 10th. Cameron Beller made a demon start and was already up to 11th as the field entered turn 3, ahead of Jason Miller, Andrew Jackman, Marius Catrina, Peter Doherty, Ross Millar, Ben Raphael and Keith Marriner.

Lewis-Williams again set off on extending his lead to the pack, meanwhile however Beller had moved himself past Wood, James, as well as Knight to be into 8th by the time the cars got onto the Falken straight, with Knight now in 9th, and Jason Miller also moving up to be 10th by the end of the lap. As they crossed the line the first time it was Lewis-Williams from Partridge, Misuraca, T Westaway, Taubitz, M Westaway, Rowland, Beller, Knight, Miller, James, Wood, Jackman, Catrina, Doherty, Millar, Raphael and Marriner.

Beller was up to 7th on lap 2, moving past Rowland through the turn 7-8-9 complex and set off after Westaway, setting a new lap record as he did so – a 1:34.9505 – as Miller and James moved past Knight to 9th and 10th place respectively.

Beller was into 6th the next lap, passing Westaway into Penrite corner, but lost his newly acquired lap record to Lewis-Williams who ran a 1:34.6194 as Jackman moved himself into 12th position at the expense of Wood.

Lap 4 and Beller took the lap record back again, a 1:34.5933 as he hunted down the battle for 2nd through to 5th consisting of Partridge, Misuraca, Tony Westaway and Taubitz – while Lewis-Williams further extended his already comfortable race lead. Miller also moved up into 8th position by getting around Ken Rowland.

Lap 5 and Misuraca was able to get a good run down the old main straight to get on the inside of Partridge under brakes for Turn 3 to move himself back up to second place and set his fastest race lap to date in doing so, 1:34.6125, only just off Bellers new record. Beller himself in the meantime elevated himself up to 5th with a pass on Taubitz down the Shannons straight.

Taubitz found himself losing a further spot to Michael Westaway as he missed a gear coming onto the front straight dropping him back to 7th as Beller then smashed his own new lap record as he honed in on Tony Westaway, a 1:34.0791 that would not be touched over the rest of the weekend. Ross Millar was able to make his way around Peter Doherty with a pass into Nissan corner further down the field to move into 15th position.

Beller was up to fourth on the following lap, a move around Westaway down the Falken straight put him into fourth, and importantly, back to a second row starting position for the final race. Miller also was able to pick off one more  spot, getting around Taubitz into Penrite corner. Jackman lost a couple of spots with a mistake, as he dropped behind Wood and Catrina, and and there was some slight contact between Raphael and Doherty into the final corner, which turned Doherty around and to the back of the field.

That was the way the field would remain for the completion of the race, with the top three results of Lewis-Williams, Misuraca & Partridge replicating Race 1. Beller fourth from the Westaway brothers, Tony & Michael, Miller, Taubitz, Rowland & James rounding out the top 10. Knight was 11th followed by Wood, Catrina, Jackman, Millar, Raphael, Marriner & Doherty rounding out the field after his mishap. Showing the speed of the cars and the track, The top 7 cars went faster than the race lap record going into the weekend that was set in March!

Race 3 would be a 10 lap affair to close out the Round, could CLW make it three from three, or would Misuraca, Partridge or Beller spoil his party? Or would the Westaways, Miller, Taubitz or any of the others be able pull something out of the bag??

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