Round 3. Winton – Race 2

Round 3. Winton – Race 2

More rain overnight meant a track that was just as wet and slippery as Race 1 would greet the field for the start of Race 2 on Sunday morning.

A big repair job began after Race 1 on the car of Cameron Beller aided by the contribution of a taillight and rear hatch glass courtesy of Pedr James who was fortunately still at the track and braving the cold to take in the Saturday action.

As the lights went out it was Lyndon Watson who got the power down on the grippier right hand side of the track, while pole sitter Jamie Westaway struggled to get off the line and was rounded up by Jim Mitchell and Mark Taubitz, and slipped back to fourth position with Michael Westaway, Andrew Jackman, Cameron Beller and Keith Marriner rounding out the field as they tiptoed through Turns 1 & 2.

Watson began to bolt away while Taubitz looked underneath second placed Mitchell into Turn 4, but backed out of that move which allowed Jamie Westaway to sneak past around the outside of the snookered Taubitz in Turn 4. Jamie then scythed past Mitchell to move to second, and set off after Watson, who had already built a huge gap in the first half a lap.

Taubitz followed the younger Westaway through past Mitchell to move back into third position, upon when Mitchell had a moment getting onto the throttle a bit too early coming onto the old back straight, and skewed towards the grass allowing Michael Westaway, Jackman and Beller through while he held onto the spot in front of Marriner.

A mistake by Watson in the sweeper on Lap 2 allowed Westaway to pass and move back into the lead entering the top section of the circuit, with Taubitz closing up the gap to Watson also. Towards the back Mitchell had a big off track moment which allowed Marriner through to seventh positionas Mitchell lost a lot of time getting back onto the circuit.

Beller was being very careful after his Saturday mishap in a patched together car in the wet conditions, and he took his time getting past Jackman which he did on lap 3, and set off after Michael Westaway ahead of him. Up front meanwhile, Jamie Westaway continued to open up his lead over Watson, though not by as much as he was able to do on Saturday, though he was clearly comfortable running that pace out front.

The gap between second and third between Watson and Taubitz ebbed and flowed over the next few laps with Taubitz closing the gap slightly, before Watson had a big spin under brakes for the first corner to begin lap 7 – Watson spun to the infield but fortunately came to stop in between turns 1 & 2, at which point Taubitz scooted past in second position, with Watson able to resume behind him without losing any further positions. Michael Westaway was also delayed which allowed Beller to close right up onto the tail of him.

Jamie Westwaway was thus able to cruise to a second comfortable victory, with Taubitz coming home for second position. Behind him, Watson was able to resume on the pace after his spin and pursued after Taubitz, only for his car to come a cruel halt on the final corner on the last lap of the race, with a fuel pump failure – which also registered him as a DNF for the race.

Rounding out the podium as a result was Michael Westaway, Beller right beind him in fourth position, with Jackman rounding out the top 5 for the race. Rounding out the finishers were Keith Marriner in sixth, and Jim Mitchell in seventh position.

So Beller was back on track and starting towards the front of the field for the final, with Taubitz and Michael Westaway looking threatening while Jamie Westaway was the class of the first two races – and some angry, angry looking weather was headed to Winton before Race 3… anything could happen!


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