2014 Season Gallery

Click on the Links below to view the extensive Photo and Video Galleries from the 2014 Porsche 944 Challenge Series!



On board with Brian Finn for Race 3 from the first round of 2014 at Winton.
Spectator footage from the 2nd round of the 944 Challenge from Phillip Island in April.
A ‘change of underwear’ moment for Adam Mills into Turn 1 at Phillip Island, as seem from Vince Misuraca’s viewpoint;
More from Round 2 at Phillip Island, watch Graham Smith make a great move to take the lead from third position coming onto the front straight.

Carnage at the start line for the Sports car race at Bathurst which a few 944s made the trek up to compete in – fortunately the 944’s escaped unscathed.

A cleaner start for Race 2 for the weekend
3 of the 944’s duking it out coming down pit straight at Mount Panorama.
Ride onboard with Brian Finn for a lap around Bathurst in his 944!
Another lap on board with Brian
Blendline TV coverage from Round 3 of the 2014 944 Challenge at Sandown in May
Not what you expect to see as you approach the esses at the back straight at Sandown as you attempt a pass for the lead in a 944 Challenge race… a Daewoo Lanos! An oversight by organisers left this car entered for a different race not allowed to race in its intended category due to the difference in speed between that classes fastest car and this one (along with another candidate for cars you’d least expect to see on a racetrack – a Holden Camira!) Fortunately, this was the only time this ever occurred… But it certainly caused all drivers to do a double take as they lapped them and wondered if someone had taken a wrong turn out of the parking lot!

Big pass attempt by Chris Lewis-Williams under Vince Misuraca at Sandown in May, which didn’t quite come off!

This time, Vince comes off the worse for wear in the turn 1 stoush with CLW, but was back out for Race 3.
The start of Race 3 at Sandown in May from inside Vince Misuraca’s 944.
Now THIS is a very close call… Vince just missed Tony who loses out in a dice for position at turn 1 at Sandown, but recovered to finish behind Vince.
Blendline TV coverage from Round 4 of the 2014 944 Challenge at Sandown in July
Footage from the first race for Dylan O’Keeffe in his first round with the 944 Challenge at Sandown in July
More from Round 4 at Sandown, this time aboard with John Stanic for the start of Race 2 on Sunday Morning.
And again with John for the start of Race 3.
For something different, lets watch Race 3 at Sandown out the back window of Cam Bellers car!
Ride with defending champion Chris Lewis Williams at the start of the Second ‘reverese top 10 grid’ race at Winton in September, as he is fully committed to gaining as many spots as possible before entering turn 1.
But watch from John Stanic as he gets squeezed between Chris and Dylan O’Keeffe going into turn 1.
And one more view of the start, this time with Vince Misuraca.
Blendline TV coverage from Round 6 of the 2014 944 Challenge at Phillip Island in October
You have to have quick reactions in the 944 Challenge! Vince almost completely avoids the spinning John Stanic at Siberia.
Footage onboard with Vince Misuraca as a few cars come together going into Lukey Heights.
Final race of the year at Island Magic with John Stanic. Split into 2 videos. Part 1
and Part 2: