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Race Results and Reports from the 2015 944 Challenge Series.

Sandown Round 4

After a week of cold, wet and dreary weather, entrants were surprised to be greeted by blue skies over Sandown at Round 4 of the Porsche 944 Challenge. Beller made the best of the good conditions, picking up where he left off last round, posting a scorching 1:24.1 in qualifying. The rest of the pack were almost a second down the road, with Mills, CLW and Partridge all split by 3 tenths of a second. Newcomer Jason Miller impressed on his debut, qualifying 5th.

Beller got a good start from pole in Race 1, but Mills locked up and ran wide on lap one, losing two places. CLW capitalised and passed Partridge to finish 2nd place, not far behind Beller who took the first win of the weekend. Behind them Miller and Howe came together at Dandenong Road, ending both their races, bringing out the safety car.

In Race 2, Partridge got a good start from the 2nd row and challenged Beller for the lead of the race throughout the first lap. Behind, CLW got away slowly off the line and found himself behind Mills in 4th. After an argument between the two teammates over the same piece of track, CLW took to the kerb between turns 2 and 3 to avoid contact, unfortunately the landing on the other side was enough to damage his engine, forcing him to retire. The oil from his stricken engine spewed out onto the track on turn 4, and Smith found it first, sliding into Mills, sending them both off. Suspension damage ended Smith’s race, while Mills set about chasing down the pack after suffering cosmetic damage.

Beller powered through, winning by over 10 seconds from Partridge in 2nd, Tony Westaway got himself onto the podium in 3rd, and Mark Taubitz did a stellar job to finish 4th. Mills recovered from the early mishap by finishing 5th.

After the problems several of his main competitors suffered earlier in the weekend, it was on the cards for Beller to complete a clean sweep of victories. However, after getting a good start and taking the lead off the line, a lock up into Dandenong saw Beller run wide, making a victory a lot more difficult for himself. He emerged from the gravel trap behind Mills in 3rd, going from 1st to 4th in one corner. This gave Partridge the lead of the race by some margin, but after some tussling, Mills and Beller got past Westaway and started reeling Partridge in. Mills got there first, and after some side by side action for several laps, made a move up the inside stick into the esses.

Beller also caught and passed Partridge, and set about chasing down Mills for the lead of the race, breaking the race lap record while doing so with a 1:24.0. Beller was all over the back of Mills, but try as he might, couldn’t find a way past. Mills held his nerve, and held on for the final few laps and took the win. Beller 2nd, Partridge 3rd, Howe recovered from his earlier difficulties with 4th place, while rookie Miller finished the weekend strongly in 5th.

The good weekend result saw Beller increase his championship lead, and Partridge consolidated his 3rd position, but after a difficult weekend, CLW has his work cut out for him to get back into contention for the championship. See you all next round when the story will continue!

Sandown Round 3 Race 3

Race 3 saw the same perfect weather as Race 2 earlier. Cam Beller got a good start to take the lead, with Brent Rose hot on his heels. After sustained pressure, Brent Rose was able to get by on lap 7 to take the win. Behind, drama for CLW who fell back at the start, then got caught up with Partridge while coming back through the field, and finally, misjudged Turn 4, glancing the wall while attempting to get a run on Partridge, causing terminal damage to the number 1 car. Cam Beller took 2nd, Partridge scored another 3rd, while Mills and Smith finished 4th and 5th after a good battle.

Thanks again to Blend Line TV for the coverage!


Sandown Round 3 Race 2

More beautiful sunny weather for Race 2 today at Sandown! Brent Rose got a great start and got into 2nd, CLW’s wasn’t so great and he lost a few spots. Rose and Beller got a gap out front, while CLW worked his way back up to 4th. On lap 5, a saloon car dumped oil all the way through turn 1, 2, 3 and 4, Beller was in it first and made enough of a mistake for Rose to get by into the lead. Mills got caught out in it too, and CLW got past him. The officials decided to finish the race early on lap 6, so that gave Rose the win, Beller 2nd, CLW 3rd, Mills 4th, Graham Smith in 5th and Mark Taubitz scored his best result in 6th

Sandown Round 3 Race 1

Somehow Sandown has turned on some nice weather! In dry conditions in the morning, Cam Beller outqualified Mills for pole by 4 hundredths of a second! Chris L-W qualified 3rd, and Brent Rose 4th. We had beautiful sunny weather for Race 1, Beller took the win with a good margin, CLW just pipped Mills for 2nd after contact with Rose on lap one, Rose recovered to finish 4th, and Lee Partridge came in 5th.

Phillip Island Round 2 Race 3

As luck would have it the sunshine that was out after Race 1 darkened just before Race 2, and the track got a nice sprinkling just as the cars were rolling out to dummy grid. The weather was so variable that the track was dry and wet from corner to corner, and from lap to lap. An incident filled race brought out the safety car early on, but in the end Brent Rose came through unscathed in the lead, and after a hard fight, CLW, Cam Beller and Adam Mills finished in 2nd, 3rd and 4th respectively, with Lee Partridge in 5th.

Thanks to Blend Line TV for the photo and for the TV coverage, can’t wait to see it!

Phillip Island Round 2 Race 2

Very tricky conditions for the 2nd race this morning, with a wet track and oil all over the track a few laps in! The top 3 from last race, Brent Rose, Kane Rose and Chris Lewis-Williams, all found good pace from the first lap. Kane in the lead found the oil in Lukey first, and almost ended his race in the gravel. CLW and Brent inherited the lead, and continued their massive battle from Race 1, nose to tail for most of the time through the oil and spray. A mistake from Brent gave CLW a break, he crossed the finish line in the lead, with Brent in 2nd, and Lee Partridge got another podium, crossing the line barely in front of Adam Mills in 4th. Cameron Beller rounded out the top 5 after recovering from an early spin.

Phillip Island Round 2 Race 1

Race 1 done, some competitors relaxing for the afternoon, some frantically fixing mechanical issues. Off the start, Mills and K Rose got good starts to get into 1st and 2nd. Oil in turn 2 mixed things up, with Mills shuffled back to 4th, and K Rose getting away to take the lead. A great tussle between B Rose and Lewis-Williams for all 7 laps, with Brett passing Kane on the run to the chequered flag to take the win from Kane Rose and CL-W in third, the first three covered by a tenth at the flag. Adam Mills came home in 4th and Cam Beller rounding out the top 5.

Winton Round 1 Race 3

The last race of the weekend was a hot one Mills took out the win after getting a jump on Beller off the line, with Chris Lewis-Williams battling through from 5th to get 2nd, great drive. Beller came home in 3rd, leadingLee Partridge and Tony Westaway home in 4th and 5th. It was enough to give Beller the round win, setting him up well for the year ahead. Great weekend at Winton everybody, we’ll see you at Phillip Island in April

Winton Round 1 Race 2

Close in the garage and even closer on track! Misuraca didn’t even make it around the warmup lap, leaving Mills, Beller and Lewis-Williams starting in the top three. Lewis-Williams and Mills had light contact on lap one, which put Lewis-Williams back to 5th, Beller took the win by a margin, then Mills, and Partridge took 3rd, scoring a podium on his very first round