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2019 944 Challenge Pointscore

After 1 of 7 rounds.

Pos.DriverRnd-1 SandownTotal
1stCameron Beller7878
2ndPaul Crocitti7171
3rdKen Rowland6767
4thAdam Brewer6464
5thMark Taubitz6363
6thTim Wolfe5555
7thKeith Marriner5454
8thJames Mitchell5353
9thToni Andreevski4949
10thTony Westaway4545
11thPedr James4545
12thCampbell Hammersley-Alderson3838
13rdAndrew Jones3737
14thMarius Catrina3030
15thClayton Sinclair1616
16thJohn Vainoras1212
17thRichard Howe0
18thPeter Doherty0
19thPaul Greer0

Total points calculated without each drivers worst round points.

2019 944 Challenge

Vic State Race Series Pointscore

After 1 of 5 rounds.

Pos.DriverVSRS Round 1 - SandownTotal
1stCameron Beller100100
2ndPaul Crocitti9090
3rdKen Rowland8080
4thMark Taubitz7171
5thAdam Brewer7171
6thTony Westaway5454
7thTim Wolfe5252
8thKeith Marriner5050
9thJim Mitchell4848
10thToni Andreevski4040
11thPedr James3333
12thAndrew Jones2323
13thCampbell Hammersley-Alderson2323
14thMarius Catrina2222
15thClayton Sinclair1212
16thJohn Vainoras77
17thRichard Howe0
18thPeter Doherty0
19thLyndon Watson0
20thPaul Greer0