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2018 944 Challenge Standings

After 5 of 7 rounds.

Pos.DriverRnd-1 SandownRnd-2 P.IslandRnd-3 WintonRnd-4 SandownRnd-5 P.IslandRnd-6 Tailem BendDropped RoundTotal
1stCameron Beller787848747878-48386
2ndJamie Westaway717276767200367
3rdMark Taubitz646470434272-42313
4thRichard Howe435706760610288
5thKeith Marriner515261385657-38277
6thJames Mitchell603558375050-35255
7thLyndon Watson70454623680252
8thAndrew Jackman5455420650216
9thPedr James4805840690215
10thMichael Westaway6245640171
11thJohn Vainoras4444500138
12thToni Andreevski2954410124
13rdKen Rowland5935094
14thTony Westaway69069
15thBrad Winter66066
16thPaul Crocitti57057
17thMarius Catrina54054
18thRob Holding38038
19thPeter Doherty30030
20tJames Gallagher1600016
21stTim Petrusic0000
22ndAdam Brewer000
23rdCodey West000
24thChris Lewis-Williams00
25thManny Mezzasalma00

Total points calculated without each drivers worst round points.

2018 944 Challenge

Vic State Race Series Final Standings

After 5 of 5 rounds.

Pos.DriverVSRS Round 1 - SandownVSRS Round 2 - Phillip IslandVSRS Round 3 - WintonVSRS Round 4 - SandownVSRS Round 5 - Phillip IslandTotal
1stJamie Westaway9092969892468
2ndCameron Beller1001006494100458
3rdMark Taubitz7371865044324
4thLyndon Watson8650572682301
5thRichard Howe505308065248
6thKeith Marriner4440653854241
7thJim Mitchell6328583442225
8thMichael Westaway685073191
9thAndrew Jackman504648144
10thPedr James3905944142
11thToni Andreevski175042109
12thJohn Vainoras302842100
13thBrad Winter7878
14thKen Rowland6161
15thTim Petrusic58058
16thMarius Catrina5050
17thRob Holding3838
18thAdam Brewer3434
19thPeter Doherty1818
20thJames Gallagher120012
21stCodey West00