2016 Season Preview!

2016 Season Preview!

Only 5 Days until practice 1 for the 2016 944 Challenge! Who will take the challenge to the two top runners from 2016, State Series and Overall series Champions, Adam Mills and Cameron Beller? Will we see a new competitor ready to take the challenge to these two? Or will we see a return to form for one of the experienced racers to challenge the two young chargers?

The Victorian State Race Series 2015 Championship winning car of Cameron Beller is undergoing some major repairs after the last race incident at Island Magic while hounding overall series winner Adam Mills for the lead. No doubt the boys will have the car repaired and back and as quick as ever! Some leaked progress shots taken from earlier in the week show the car in a state of undress, however it will no doubt be back together and ready to compete at the front of the field come next weekend!

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Rest assured 2014 champion Chris Lewis-Williams will want to return to his winning ways. Along with other previous winners Kane Rose, John Stanic, Vince Misuraca and Graham Smith, they won’t have an easy time of it this year!

As if that wasn’t enough to make for some fantastic action, there will also be those who got behind the wheel of a 944 in 2015 for the first time who will be looking to show even more speed and notch up their first wins – Lee Partridge, Brad Winter, as well as Winton 300 winners Paul Crocitti and Jason Miller will be amongst those guys.

Joining them on the grid for 2016 will be new runners Ben Raphael, Andrew Jackman, Keith Marriner and Chris O’Keffee, along with Ken Rowland in his newly built car.

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Not to forget the series regulars who will be looking to also shake up the front running order – Tony And Michael Westaway, Peter Doherty, Dick Howe, Marius Catrina, Jim Gallagher, Pedr James, Mark Taubitz and Sam Rofe will all be back in action – along with a rumour of a certain ‘blue machine’ which there are rumblings could be hopefully making a return to the track again after a year away from the track – it’s shaping up to be a cracking season of racing!!

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